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Video Music Meltdown: As Covered By the LSO

The following are songs I would like to see adapted for a modified 1,000 piece London Symphony Orchestra and performed, tympani a-smashing and violins a-plucking, with great gusto.

Use your imagination – I hear it all very clearly in my brain.

Regina Spektor – “Fidelity”

The Flaming Lips – “Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung”

The Beatles – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”

I know, I know, Sgt. Pepper already has orchestral instruments on it, but I badly want to see it live, sung my Sir Paul, with Ringo tucked safely away in the audience, as far away from the drum kit as possible.


Music Video Meltdown: Electronica

At the behest of my loyal, sometimes frightening fans, I’m posting regularly again and trying to develop some running themes to distinguish this blog from the billions of other, lesser blogs. With that in mind:

Many Fridays ago, I posted some music videos because I was feeling too lazy to compose brilliant scratchings. It’s Friday again. Enjoy this Electronica-themed Music Video Meltdown!

Junior Boys – “Last Exit” (excerpt)

Modeselektor – “Ziq Zaq” (homemade vid.)

Beck – “Bit Rate Variations in B-flat (Girl remix)” (The regular song is great, but this is pure uncut fucking magic)

Music Video Meltdown

It’s a lazy Friday at the office and I don’t much feel like being creative, so I’ll let other artists speak for me. With guitars.

Josh Ritter – “Mind’s Eye”

Dawn Landes – “Money in the Bank”

Glen Hansard (performing as The Swell Season with Marketa Irglova) – “Lay Me Down”