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Act Local: Ben Connors Kicks It Green Style

Riding the wave of new interest about environmentally conscious practices, D.C. based activist and media genius Ben Connors has launched a new web series, Act Local, where he explores simple, do-it-yourself “hacks” that can save energy and resources.

In the first episode, Ben hacks his toilet and figures out a way to save water and create a little hand washing bowl on top of the tank (although, I’m not sure why you’d want this.) Act local has good information – and the host is not too hard on the eyes.

Check it out!


See the World

Are you depressed? Weather got you down? Boyfriend/girlfriend/other dump you? Realize you were born without the capacity for human love?

Watch this (by Gomez) & take cheer:

Your Friday Hyuck

To you, dear readers, I offer this fine illustration, courtesy of Married to the Sea.

The Scribblerist will be in the countryside this weekend, mooning about scenic glens and pleasant copses, dreaming up new delicacies for you, his adoring public.