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The Scribblerist, Inc. has intercepted an intraoffice memo (with all names and identifiable details redacted) indicating the existence a secret brotherhood of destruction in his place of work. The sinister communique is posted here in it’s entirety.

It must be noted that the memo, while reeking of evil, has a certain stylistic flair.

Operation Retribution


Work = Drugs

“Work is like heroin – It kills brain cells and you go back to it every day.”

Finer Lessons of Law

Attorney 1: Blah blah blah blah

Attorney 2: Blah blah blah blah

1: Ha ha ha

2: Ha ha ha

1: Blah deal blah blah money

2: Deal blah blah money

1: Blah blah

2: Right, but is the language vague enough? I mean, we don’t want them to understand what we’re saying…

1: Ah, well…

2: Blah blah

1: Blah blah

2: Money power blah

1: Blah blah Power money

2: Ha ha ha

1: Ha