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Referencialty Gone Wild

In a culture of reference, embodied by shows like Family Guy, the ease of intralinking in free web-based blogging platforms has enabled a whole new level of referenciality, particularly with regard to cute puppy pictures.


Power of the Blog!

Alex Ross, the New Yorker’s (non-pop/non-Sasha Frere-Jones) music critic, has written about the disseminating effect of the internet on classical music and the intelligence of blogs authored by classical musicians, aficionados, and scribblin’ hacks like him. In the course of his ‘Net wanderings he discovers that, “Not all blogs … were devoted to cataloging continuity errors in the films of George Lucas; a smattering of musicians, composers, and listeners were writing on music with intelligence and verve, reveling in the chance to express ideas that had no other immediate outlet.” Sound familiar?

Read Ross here.

ps – Ross mentions a blog by a concert pianist named Jeremy Denk. I moseyed on over and checked it and it was rather good. This Dink fellow might just have something writerly goin’ on.

pps – Doesn’t Denk kinda look like the pilot from Firefly? Think about it – have you ever seen them in the same place at once?