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Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” – First Listen

They have done it. And in the rush and joy of the first listen, the first 5 tracks are the finest I’ve ever heard from the band.

Thanks to Itunes, my tracks are out of order, actually. Since I use a Shuffle, I can only give general impressions. I do, however, have “15 Step” cued as the first track.

15 Step – Excellent synthesis of electronic beats and a head bopping guitar riff. How could anyone not like this track? It wanders, too, but in a good way. Brilliant opener.

The tracks run from crunchy and catchy, like an (actually) good song from the Sonic Hedgehog demo, to transcendent. I can’t stop thinking, in the absence of any other coherent faith, “this is my religion.”

On the way to work I was grinning and moving like a guy who’s got a new crush. I wanted to go from person to person in the subway car like a missionary – “Bless you brother, the new Radiohead is out. No, no, you can donate what you want. Yes, please give it a listen.” It’s as if Radiohead knew what I needed to hear and made it.

There is something deeply kinetic about these tracks – there’s a new energy underneath this album, something I have gotten only in limited doses from them before – it’s closest to the groove in “Citizen Insane” or the jam at the end of “Go To Sleep” but it lasts for entire songs. Brilliant, excellent. There aren’t words to match the music.