Guest Scratchers

Keesup has scribbled entertainment and sports criticism for nearly a decade. He attended Vanderbilt University, where he was a staff writer for the campus humor rag, The Slant, from 2004-2006. In 2006, he was The Slant’s Head of Standards & Professionalism and Managing Editor from 2006-2007. He was also a bylined Entertainment writer for The Vanderbilt Hustler.

Alex writes cultural criticism and reviews with a sensibility that is equal parts Thoreau and “Family Guy.” He is the co-author of the sports commentary blog Fan Interference and attends the College of Santa Fe.

S. Becque recently graduated from Mount Holyoke college with a degree in Burlesque Theory & Practice, and came to New York seeking fame and fortune. Her talents as a writer, thinker, and cultural sponge are on display at A Heart in New York. S. Becque resides in the city.