Back in the Traces

Scribblerist: Hi, my name is S_______ and I have writer’s block.

Writer’s Block Anonymous (WBA): Hi S_______.

Scrib: For the past six months I’ve been battling a serious case of writer’s block. It’s not been easy and, in fact, it’s been miserable. I worry about getting un-stuck all the time, and I feel guilty when I watch a movie or hang out with friends when I’m ‘supposed to be writing.’ I know you understand these feelings –

WBA: We do.

Scrib: And it’s not just writing. The frustration spreads, virus-like, to other parts of my life. I’ve been unhappy with my relationships, my body, and my late-model Toyota automobile.

WBA: (sympathetic noises)

Scrib: Thank you. Well, tonight I’m here to tell you, I’m back, I’m writing, and it feels great. I feel like professional athlete who’s on a steriod-fueled high after a three hour session with his motivational coach. I’m – wow – I’m living the dream. I’m writing my blog and working on a short story about a boat captain in New York. It’s great. Whoo!

WBA: Uh, what? That’s not helpful –

Scrib: Yeah! (singing) Don’t stop believing! Hold on da da to that daaa da! (upends lectern)

WBA: That’s it – (administers severe beating)

Scrib: (bleeding, broken) It feels good to be back.


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