Crush? Apply Poetry, Rinse, Repeat

This morning at work, bored as usual, I started Googling. I tried “Best Angry Song Ever,” but the only results were for bands with names like Puddle of Mud, DeathCoxxx, and Mothers of Holy Darkness. Not what I was looking for. Next, I tried, “Greatest Love Poem Ever,” and this page on was the first hit. Poetry dot com may have started out with genuine artistic aspirations back in 1995, but whoever owns the domain name has since retired to the Bahamas, supported by revenue from the ads plastered all over the homepage. I wish I had possessed the foresight at 13 to buy up simple, broad domains like,, and I, and every other person with internet access, was sitting on gold and we didn’t even know it.

It’s not really our fault, guys. No one knew how big this interweb thing would get. Witness: Newsweek circa 1995.

Anyway, the above-embedded page of poetry may be on a site for hacks and stupid people, but it has some legitimate poetry. Check it out. Mend that aching heart with the balm of words. Or whatever.


3 responses to “Crush? Apply Poetry, Rinse, Repeat

  1. That Newsweek article is fucking unreal. I wonder what happened to the guy that wrote that; my guess is he became a pariah of column-journalism and took a job with the Bush Administration.

  2. He’s dead. I killed him.

  3. There are some interesting poems on that site. I’m currently reading Pablo Neruda so my commute to and from work is spent crying. Ok, maybe not crying, but thats cause I hold back in front of strangers. lol Neruda = The Man

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