Obama or Clinton? The Best Writing

If you’re a liberal/Democrat/progressive/angry young person who is still undecided about who to vote for in tomorrow’s primary, I can help you – With the power of words!

These two pieces are the best new writing about a) Obama vs. Clinton and b) why Obama is (let’s face it) the better candidate.

George Packer reveals how character and disposition will mean radically divergent administrations. Are you drawn to the Clinton or Obama style? Read it here.

And the luminous Michael Chabon slaps down the idea that Obama unelectable. In his words, “There are many reasons not to support Barack Obama’s candidacy for president, but every one of them is bad for the same reason.” Read it here.


One response to “Obama or Clinton? The Best Writing

  1. wow. that chabon is really good. thanks for that.

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