Exercise: “The Last Time I Felt Desire…”

This is a free-writing exercise I scratched out last night at a group called Write Action, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ID Project. If you’re a writer in New York and you need a little community, I highly recommend it. The prompt was: write about the last time you felt Desire.

Mm, Desire.

I held it in my hands, heavy, black, odd-shaped, its glass and metal eye extending into the world like a bridge.

“Feels nice,” I said to myself, “good balance.” I turned it over gently to snap open the battery compartment, then its memory card gate and AV inputs – all solid, dust-proof if not fluid proof. A sovereign piece of electronics. I ticked the “On-Off” ring, superimposed around the shutter button, to On and heard the small, sharp, purposeful “whirr” of waking. The mysterious servos and gears and whatnots slid into place, ready to serve me. Startup time: less than a second and a half.

Wow, I thought, this one is special. 6.1 megapixels, 18-55 mm autofocus lens, RAW and JPEG exporting, 14 shooting modes, on-board editing, 470 shots on a single charge at Fine, and a fat sensor. Will Smith may be Legend, but I am Gear Lust.

Nikon D40, I love you, I want you. I will have you.


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