The Shit List #2

Uh, so the Shit List is, er, not appearing every Friday as promised, but on the strict Whenever We Have Five Things We Hate timetable.


1. People who ask for tomato sauce on their pizza – The essential, historic ingredients of pizza are: bread, tomato sauce, and cheese. Asking for sauce is redundant and repugnant.

2. People who ask for cheese on their pizza – Ditto.

3. People who ask to ask a question – “Can I ask you a question?” “Yes, you may. On second thought, no, fuck you.”

4. People who respond “You just did!” when someone asks to ask a question.

5. Anorexia – This shit has got to stop. Women have enough on their plates with job discrimination, catcalls, and giving birth. Society, I call upon you to see that the complex cultural and interpersonal causes of anorexia are phased out by 2010.

-Keesup & Scrib.


4 responses to “The Shit List #2

  1. Not bad – you got two things for the fecal indes out of pizza and two our of “can I ask you a question”. And a (hoipefully intentional) reference to “things on a plate” when commenting on anorexia.

    For further verbal tics, google. “here’s your sign” and Engvall.

    We are not an impressive species.

  2. Oops – must. use. spell. check.

  3. Sometimes I order “sauce” because I like extra sauce.

  4. You know whats on my shitlist.

    It’s friday again and nothin’ new on the scrib.
    What a downer.

    Guess I have to find another way to kill time.

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