“In Rainbows” Roundup: The Best Criticism So Far

As expected, there are a lot of well-paid music critics making a lot of noise about Radiohead’s release of “In Rainbows.” NME’s supposed “Office Blog” called the drum track on 15 Step “electro-tribal.” What does that even mean?

Find the good stuff:

Democracy Arsenal on the politics of Radiohead releases: “Because they, these five musicians from Oxford, are providing something new, something which aims, at least in intent, to restructure reality and to provide us an alternative.”

Hiphop Music Dot Com with a track-by-track breakdown: I’m not sure I agree with everything, but I like the line: “Bodysnatchers – Ummmm, hell yes. This track is hard as f*%k. Melody reminds me a bit of “Within You Without You.” Or what that song would sound like if the Beatles were HARD AS F*%K.”

ZME Music Dot Com with another review, captures my mood this morning: “Got up earlier then usual this morning, but the sudden lack of sleep has been complemented by the explosion of energy with which “In Rainbows” hit me.”

One blogger suggested a World Radiohead Day, saying: “I’m envisioning a planet of office workers listening to In Rainbows in their cubicles at the exact same time.”

Blog on you shiny bloggers – who needs “informal” commentary from Rolling Stone or NME? Our commentary is in the spirit of the release itself – radically democratic and individual.


5 responses to ““In Rainbows” Roundup: The Best Criticism So Far

  1. totally whats going on in the blogosphere. However, when searching through tags, not finding as many as i’d like.

  2. My favorite response to this revolutionary, populist moment in music history:

    “160 kbps?! Those assholes!”

  3. Now look, I know that I need to open my eyes to the glories of “radiohead,” and that next time you send me mix CD, I should just hide those files in my, “stillman’s crazy electronic world whatever” playlist.

    I also realize the cosmic reprocussions of the release.

    But the scrib is trending on fan site, here. If the subject is anything a person could possibly be a fan of… don’t do two consecutive posts on it.

    BTW remind me to submit both my X-files fan fict pieces next week.

    FU come visit.

    Is this to personal for a public post?

  4. Dear BCatDC – you’ll notice under the “Purpose” page that the Scrib writes about all things creative, including music. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a religious Radiohead fan, just as I plug books I think are worthwhile. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Also, listening is a creative exercise. Furthermore, writing about music in a meaningful way is difficult – and that’s what I’m trying to do here.

    Finally, Scribblerist is all about writing – any writing except fan fic. I would love to read your homo erotic X-files fan fic, but you won’t find it posted here.

    In sum, writing about things I care about passionately is the shape this experiment seems to be taking. Enjoy it for what it is!


    ps – are you drunk?

  5. Yeah, he’s drunk…as ALWAYS, you slosh.

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