Blessed Electronic Awakening

Neophyte blog blooms

Keys crunch underfoot like stones

Welcome to my plot

New buds open slow

Child sun rises fierce and bright

I hit snooze again



7 responses to “Blessed Electronic Awakening

  1. nice haiku’s … though you aim at the far east, the tone seems a bit more native american. This “child sun” ish- it is like you are a friggin shamen with an alarm clock

  2. a harsh exchange
    borrowed katana blow
    the daily grind

    -glimpse at the working world

  3. Scribblerist approves!

  4. I don’t know much about Haikus. But I’m glad to see the sun has risen. Seems an appropriate first post.

  5. The slug awakes
    Coffee brews in the pot
    Hope for the day

    Sorry – couldn’t help the weak effort (the daily grind got me thinking of coffee).

    Enjoy the blogosphere.

  6. hey,

    so i linked over here from facebook, and felt compelled to mention i’m adding this to my giant batch of rss feeds.

    also, on writing is an amazing book. i would be honored to be stranded on the streets with a copy.

  7. Agreed.

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